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We have a wide variety of BBQ Rubs, Seasonings & Sauces. Over 25 different woods for smoking meats, vegetables and anything your imagination can think of.

                         Voted BEST BBQ Supply Store in Effingham County 4 years in a row! 

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About Us

Mark & Judi


Hello and Thank You for visiting out home on the web. We are Mark & Judi Lenz Owners of Smoke & Bones Woodshed.

Being a United States Veteran of almost 30 years, I have been humbled, to serve this great country of ours and know first hand family and friends should be treasured.

No better way to bring everyone together than a great meal. There is something about cooking outdoors that gives the meal an extra something. I would never sell a product I don't use or believe in for my family, so trust me when I say you wont be disappointed.

Money is to precious to waste on products that don't give us what we want, we became very passionate about grilling and discovering the mixture of seasons and spice to get that kick from your meat. Smoking intensifies the flavor, the right wood and rubs will keep the taste buds watering until the meat is on the table.

Thank you to Thomas Ira Fillenwarth for getting us started in this journey of Smoke and Spice with his gift to us... "The Beast" (our Smoker)


Smoke and Bones Woodshed

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181 Commercial Drive, Rincon Georgia 31326

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